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Where is Salt Grass Jewelry Made?

All of our items are made by hand in our Portland studio. We hammer, bend, form, sand and solder just about every component. There are a few exceptions to this rule which are described throughout this site. That being said, please allow up to two weeks for your items from our essential collection to ship. Items from our FINE collection will take up to four weeks to ship. If you have any question feel free to shoot us an email at saltgrassjewelry@gmail.com before you place your order.

What metals do you use?

We use recycled metals for A L L  of our silver and gold. Unfortunately, our brass and gold-filled metals are not coming from recycled alloys.

What is gold-filled metal?

Gold-filled metal is a great choice for those who prefer gold color but aren't ready for the financial price of solid 14k gold. Gold-filled metal is made from of a thick layer of 14k gold mechanically bonded to a base alloy like brass. It is a much thicker layer of gold than gold-plaiting which will rub off quickly. Gold-filled items will keep their color for years. They may leave a light green mark on some people although most people do not have this reaction. Brass is more likely to do this.

Will a brass ring turn my finger green?

probably. some people do not have this reaction although most do. the happens due to the heat, acidity and oxidization of the metal next to your skin. when its hot and humid this will happen much faster. if this bothers you, you can try a little clear nail polish on the inside of the ring.

Where does recycled metal come from, and why is that important?

Our metals come from a few sources within the US. One is a family run company based out of Virginia, who guarantees that all of its precious alloys are produced from 100% re-used material. They are one of the worlds leading green refineries and are SCS certified every year.

Post-consumer recycled metals are just as clean, pure and "refined" as metals that originate from the earth. The main difference is that we are not contributing to the mining process by using "new" metal. Mining for metals causes a huge amount of waste and displacement of animals and plants. It is for these reasons that we are so happy to see many supply company's now offering recycled alloys produced in green facilities.

What other eco-conscious choices has Salt Grass made?

Recently, we stepped away from bio-degradable plastic and have moved to all paper products for our packaging. Bio-degradable plastic is a wonderful idea in theory but unfortunately, it's not the quick fix it has been labeled as, and will not actually break down in the ocean where it is likely to end up. Perhaps this idea will be sorted out in a few more years.

Lastly, we are now using renewable energy in our studio through Arcadia Power which pulls from solar and wind farms. So rad!

We are continually looking to grow and better educate ourselves with regards to environmental business practices. See an area where we can improve? Let us know!