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J E W E L R Y  C A R E

Care is the responsibility of the wearer.

We make quality items but with any fine art, care must be taken. Please store your jewelry properly and treat your pieces gently. Silver, if left out, will tarnish quickly. Try a tarnish resistant pouch ( or a plastic ziplock bag). Always remove your jewelry before swimming, bathing, washing dishes, working in the garden, working out or applying lotion. Some chemicals, perfumes, oils or lotions can change the color of the metal on your jewelry or the look of your natural stone. We have jewelry polishing clothes available to help clean your jewelry, but please don't use other chemicals or cleaners which can be too harsh for certain stones or finishes. Stones can scratch and crack if they are rough-housed too much and similarly enamel, as it is glass, can crack if it is hit or dropped. With proper care your pieces should last a lifetime.