SALTGRASS is a line of handmade jewelry, objects and enameled works by Kristiann. Coming from deep New Mexican roots, Kristiann works with memory, absence of material and a focus on texture to guide her metalwork. She has a reductive approach and takes great influence from the land.

Kristiann’s rambling spirit has led her to live in many cities across the United States. Most recently she has landed in a quiet neighborhood of Portland, ME.


SALTGRASS Jewelry believes in using responsibly sourced materials from select suppliers. Our solid metals come from a family run company based out of Virginia who guarantees that all its precious metals are produced from 100% re-used material. It is one of the only companies based in the US with over 100 years of experience and the worlds greenest refiner. Mining for metals causes a huge amount of waste which is why we are so excited to be working with a company that is not only SCS certified each year, guaranteeing that their precious metals are 100% recycled, but who is also taking steps to learn and grown in a responsible way. 

We love to support small businesses which is why we have found small lapidary companies to provide us with many of our stones from right here in the US. Our crystal collection comes from an Arkansas based compnay and all other stones and gems are purchased in Tuscon at the Gem Show or in New York City's Diamond District from small family run operations.  We take great steps to guarantee the authenticity and uphold the reputation of our sources.

Additionally, all of our packing is made from 100% recycled material and we strive to use low toxic chemicals in the studio wherever possible.

Go green or go home!


After studying photography at Santa Reperata International School of Art in Florence, Kristiann discovered abstract fine photography. Her love for long hours in the dark room and her fascination with small details has undoubtedly transferred to her metalwork. Kristiann began her affair with metal in her first welding class at the Academy of Art University. She quickly put down the camera and picked up the torch. Kristiann received a BFA from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco with an emphasis on small metals in 2010.

From San Francisco she moved to New York and found herself among the many talented and young designers of the city. She has worked with both large and small companies over the last 5 years and has gained an admiration for those brands and their always ethical practices in the world of small business. 

White Sands, New Mexico

White Sands, New Mexico

Abiquiu Reservation, New Mexico

Abiquiu Reservation, New Mexico


Distichlis spicata is a species of grass known by several common names, including seashore saltgrass and desert saltgrass. This grass is native to the Americas, where it is widespread. Distichlis spicata is a tolerant grass often creeping in the sand and clay soil of New Mexico.


Ghost Ranch, New Mexico